⇒ Resort with access to a magic clear Springwater Stream

⇒ Breathtaking sunset views from the SpringRiver Lounge

⇒ Just 3 km distance from the famous Konglor Cave

⇒ Restaurant serves delicious, fresh and healthy food

⇒ Eperience traditional village life along the riverbank

⇒ Free high speed WIFI in the entire property

⇒ Lovely decorated clean rooms

⇒ Campfire romance at night

⇒ Lush tropical garden

SpringRiver Resort is NOT your average accomodation; it is a gateway to the true essence of Laos. Prepare yourself for a journey like no other. As you arrive, you will feel like you have entered an Eden Garden. Walk along an elevated wooden path, surrounded by lush Green Jungle and vibrant Tropical Flowers. That's where you'll find your Bungalow offering a tranquil retreat. But the true allure lies in the River's call. Hop in a Canoe and explore the crystal-clear Blue Lagoon or venture to Riverside Villages, where local Children play as the sun sets. Follow upstream until the majestic Konglor Cave and discover another world, quiet and mysterious. So, if you are ready to experience the wonders of SpringRiver Resort on your journey through Laos, embrace adventure, and let the River guide you.

No doubt you will find what you were looking for!

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Vientiane Times Newspaper visit the BLUE LAGOON @ SpringRiver Resort


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